Relax with our fragranced shower steamers. Pop in the corner of your shower and let the water gently dissolve releasing the fragrance. Taking your shower from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Black Raspberry Sugar - Sweet, rich and welcoming, the top notes of blackberry and raspberry fill your senses with ripe freshness before the vanilla and rose invite you to relax.

Kakadu Plum - Tangy, bright and vibrant, this is a fresh and delicious fragrance, packed full of fruits. Sweet passionfruit, tropical pineapple and juicy strawberry are tempered with warm cinnamon and tropical coconut. Good enough to eat.

Sea Salt & Driftwood - An evocative mix of Mediterranean lemon, salty sea breeze and warming driftwood, combined with lavender and cyclamen for a relaxing Summer feel.

Ingredients: Bicarbonate soda, citric acid, sweet almond oil, fragrance, witch hazel, botanicals and bio degradable glitters.

Measurements 4.5cm Diameter 2cm Height.

Each 25g shower steamer is single use.

Not designed to breathe directly in, they do not contain essential oils.

Place in the corner of the shower, to prevent slipping. Contains a small amount of oil.

Remove any remaining botanicals from the shower after use, to prevent staining.

Not recommended for young children, use with caution if pregnant.

This is a handmade product each shower steamer is unique in appearance; surfaces may have imperfections.

Can be purchased alone or combined with other products to make a gift box - please contact to discuss (until boxes are available online) - Discounts Apply

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